Dani Mariner
A Story by one of our Leading Ladies

Hubby and I were driving to St. Louis for a ball game on a nice spring day. Hubby paced alongside several trucks while I was laying on my back masturbating with my little pink toy. My legs were up on the passenger window and spread wide open to give them a nice view.

dani mariner After a while my husband asked me to give him a blowjob. He suggested we pull into a rest stop to get a close up show. We had never done this before and I was a little nervous. He promised to keep the truck running so we could pull off if needed. We pulled up to a very shiny black truck parked off by itself. When we pulled up I couldn't see very handsome white male with short brown hair talking on the phone.

I was totally nude and very nervous. Hubby pulled his dick out and I turned my ass towards the handsome trucker. I placed one knee on the passenger seat and my other foot on the floor so my ass was nearly out the window. I started giving hubby blowjob while he reached crossed my ass to play with my pussy. He was giving me a play by play on the truckers reaction. The trucker laid down his phone and opened his window. Hubby said that he was really getting into the show. While I was really getting in to the blowjob I began to get extremely wet. Hubby grabbed the dildo and began working it in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

At this point the trucker pulled out a 35 mm camera and asked to take pictures. It was such a turn on knowing that he was snapping pictures.  Then my husband completely shocked me by asking if I was OK with letting the trucker use the dildo on me. I was very nervous and also excited at the same time and said yes. Hubby waved the trucker to the door and asked if he wanted to work the dildo while he enjoyed the blowjob.

The trucker said , "Hell fucking yes".

My husband told the trucker that he was only allowed to work the dildo in and out and that if he touched me with anything other than the dildo, the show was over.

I was extremely excited as he was working the dildo deep inside me while I was sucking hubbies dick. My husband has now laid back and was enjoying himself when I gave a sudden loud moan . He raised his head and asked if I was all right and I told him it was just such a turn on. In reality the trucker had been using his middle finger to massage my ass hole and that was when he shoved his finger deep inside my ass. It felt so good I wasn't about to tell my husband for fear that he would stop the show.

The trucker knew I was enjoying it and started working at a faster pace. Every stroke of the dildo deep inside of my pussy included his middle finger slamming deep into my ass. Before long my body was shaking and quivering uncontrollably and I had the most intense orgasm all over the truckers hand.

As I turned around just in time to see the trucker blowing a huge load on our passenger side door. I was so in to this that I never knew he had pulled out his very large dick and he was jacking off while fucking me with the dildo. He thanked me with a big smile and handed me the soaked dildo. I slowly licked the juices from the dildo and thanked him with a wink.

As he pulled away he began sucking on his middle finger while smiling from ear to ear.

It was almost 4 months after this flash that I Told my husband about the finger in my ass.  To this day this is still my favorite flashing trip.

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