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The shower was warm enough to be comfortable but not as hot as he liked. There was a long line of drivers waiting for their number to be called.

"Shower number .... ready."

That many people taking a shower had to put a strain on the water heater trying to keep up. Most evenings Jake enjoyed a shower and had the water been hot enough, with soap and rinse done he would stand for a while and enjoy the flow. A little cooler tonight so he gave it a miss.

Toweling off and pulling on a set of clean clothes Jake looked at himself in the mirror. He needed a shave but he would forgo that pleasure until very hot water was available, for now he would use the electric mower that was plugged into the inverter in the truck. First though, a little time in the restaurant, another enjoyable occupation for lonely Truckers far from home. The restaurant is a place to sit and listen to various conversations, join in or ignore them. Trucker tales can be very entertaining.

Jake took a booth next to a window noting that the menu and silverware were in their place waiting for him. The room was clean and looked busy but the girls who worked to keep the patrons happy seemed content and professional.

Scanning the menu Jake decided quickly on a Ham Steak, provided it came with a slice of Pineapple. Some places served Ham but without Pineapple. Those two are a match made in heaven and shouldn't be allowed out without each other. A waitress appeared, pretty with a skirt that was shorter than he would have allowed his daughter to wear, if he had a daughter he thought. She was perky and well turned out, quite attractive until she opened her mouth which had been begging for a dentist for years, apparently. Still she was efficient and had presented herself with a pot of coffee and a pad to take down his order.

The coffee was strong, the way he liked it and tasted good with just a little cream and sugar. Across the room two drivers were giggling like a couple of school girls, both were looking towards a girl who sat opposite another both intent on whatever the subject of conversation might be.

Jake could clearly see what the two drivers were giggling about; one of the girls was well gifted in the breast department and had dressed to impress. It was hard to see what was keeping those puppies from leaving the kennel.

Impressed he thought back to a day a few weeks ago when he had been the beneficiary of the worlds greatest flash and felt a twinge behind his fly at the memory.

The two giggling drivers got up from their table heading towards the cash register but took a moment to ogle the fine mamories one last time.

Sipping on his coffee Jake noticed that the breast were a mere deistraction from the real show. The well developed young lady had apparently decided that today would be a good day to go commando. No underwear and she was reclining slightly in the seat with her legs slightly apart. Her shaved friend to all young men was on perfect display under her short skirt.

Unsure if this was deliberate or not Jake tried not to stare but after another sip of his coffee he glanced up at the girl and caught her looking. She smiled coyly, her tongue lazily stoking her teeth. Oh yes, she knew what she was doing and apparently he was the intended audience.

The girl looked away, continuing the conversation with her friend ignoring him but the game didn't end. She knew he was looking and knew exactly what he could see. She was in charge, the way she liked it.

Jake leaned back against the wall, placing one leg along the bench, his legs slightly apart and waited to see where things would go. He didn't wait long and felt a redness brush his cheeks as her hands went under the table. It was a perfectly normal movement and to anyone watching, except Jake who knew better, perfectly acceptable. She was leaning back and her hands laid, one on top of the other, on her lap. Perfectly normal. The conversation with her friend continued and she leaned forward laughing with delight at something her friend had said.

The movement was almost impersepable, it could have been a flick of her fingers to remove a crumb from her lap. Indeed to anyone nearby, especially her friend, that is exactly what it looked like except that Jake had a different view. Her hand was under her skirt spreading her vaginal lips to his gaze. She was wet and shiny and as far as she could without being obvious, she was showing Jake everything she had to offer.

Jake placed the desert menu from his table on his lap, hiding the man growth being fertilized from the short distance between tables and settled in to enjoy the show.


The waitress had walked up to the table unnoticed by Jake, "Sorry!" he said.

"That's okay, they have been sitting there for over an hour and she has been doing that since I came on half an hour ago."

Jake was embarrassed to have been caught watching by the waitress and turned to face the table removing the menu and revealing his buldge.
"Is it having the desired result?" She asked looking at the obvious bulge, "Or should I know without asking?" She finished with a knowing smile.

"Why haven't you done something to stop her?" he asked quietly.

"Oh I won't be doing that because my tips are always better when she is in here. I guess it makes the driver's happy and then they tip better."

"Does she comes here often?" Jake asked taking a sip of his coffee.

"Not here but probably out in one of the trucks later." She joked.

Jake gave himself a nasal enema on hearing this, coughing and spluttering and drawing a laugh from the waitress.

Using the napkin to wipe his nose and face he looked up at the waitress. "I guess I asked for that?"

She smiled and took out her notepad.

Jake, changing his mind from the earlier considered Ham, ordered breakfast despite the late hour. Bacon and Eggs with white toast. "Well if she spends that much time hopping from truck to truck, that field has been plowed so many times it may well be carrying a seed or two that modern medical science can't take care of. I'll give it a miss."

Now the waitress laughed and went off towards the computer in her corner.

Jake smiled to himself thinking back over the day. He had met a pretty lady in a traffic jam and was now being entertained by a woman at the next table. He could watch and enjoy but he wouldn't touch, not tonight.

"On the other hand," he wondered, "what time does the waitress finish her shift.

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