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They haven't always been with me, they are friends I made in my early teens. To say they grew on me over time is an accurate statement. We are as close as close can be and I spent all of my time with them, all of my time. Trying to quantify the relationship is difficult in the extreme but even if they were not perfect friends we would still be inseparable.

As a teen some of my peer group suffered with odd friends, one that was smaller than the other and as you would expect some that were too small or too large. We all hoped for large and attractive but some over compensated developing massive friends. I even had an acquaintance whose Mother spent a fortune to have her friends augmented - we were all jealous, not because of the size or potential of perfection, we envied the attention they were receiving.

My friends seemed to appear overnight, not fully grown because this isn't magic but one night they were not there and the next I had a slight enlargement. I was excited because others in my group were already wearing training bras, leaving me behind in our adolescent contest.

I wanted to wear a bra right away but my Mother insisted on the pencil test. Most guys don't know what that does to a girl, I needed to stand with my group, the ladies - that's what we called ourselves - who I hung with. I wanted to wear a bra because everyone else in my group had one, I was a slow developer. Good old Mom eventually saw me cross the finishing line in first place because my friends grew to perfect size and shape. In my late teens I was the envy of my group, including Miss Augmentation herself.

I had always attracted the boys but now I was attracting men, real men. Not the guys who hassled our group begging for attention with tongues hanging out, drooling adolescents with raging hormones, I mean real men in their 20's and 30's. I was a catch and I knew it. Quickly learning that playing "hard to get" with with men didn't work I was soon spending time with people who could appreciate what I brought to the party. It was fun just hanging out with the guys because they took me places the boys couldn't and did things that the boys had no idea were even possible. I am not talking about sex, just activities that could be considered sophisticated, a word that the boys couldn't even spell.

I had fun but didn't give up the ultimate prize to anyone although, while they didn't as hungry as I knew they were, I knew they all wanted it.

My girls and I were well turned out and a treat for hungry eyes and that seemed to be okay. I had a good rep. and most of the men I was hanging with behaved as if they were my protecters - which was fine by me.

I kept my virginity until I was nineteen years old which had to be a record of some kind, all of my so called friends at school had given theirs up in the back seat at a drive in or in the bushes behind the school. I hadn't planned to keep it that long but that was the way it worked out. The funny thing is that at school everyone thought I was a slut? I wasn't of course, not then but times change.

I travel a lot as part of my work and driving, as I am sure this audience knows, can be very boring. After a while listening to the radio or a few CD's and I am bored. There is nothing much to see and I have every respect for those of you who plie their trade along the interstates without actually pulling over and sucking on the business end of a .357. Now there's a cum shot that will put an end to your problems and no mistake.

Occasionally I will flash my friends at the truckers I pass but I don't make a habit of it. For some reason if I take my eye off the road I drift towards whatever I am looking at and the best part of sharing my girls is the reaction on the trucker's face. If I can't look at that there isn't a lot of reward for me and that is why I only do it occasionally.

I did meet with a trucker I flashed once, he was a really nice guy and we had quite a time before it was time for him to deliver his other load. I will have to write about that; maybe next time.

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