We all Enjoy the way Rumbleseat Strings Words Together

I originally posted this in the Ink Appreciation group, but I thought a few others might enjoy it.

I was traveling east on I-70 in Maryland. After all these years, I have forgotten where I loaded and just where I was going. Not that any either of those things matter to the story. Another truck passed me, and once clear, I flashed my headlights to signal the driver that he was, indeed, clear. Once the truck had moved into the right lane, a beautiful, female voice came through my CB . "Thank you, driver. Where are you headed tonight?" I told her and said, "We're headed that way, too. What do they call you?"

I said, "I'm Rumbleseat. What do they call you?"

"They call me Naked Lady Trucker," she said.

I was laughing when I keyed the mic. She said, "Why are you laughing?"

"Because I'm not that lucky," I managed to get out between chuckles.

The truck moved one lane to the left and slowed a little. That musical voice said, "Come on up here."

I mashed the accelerator to squeeze the last couple of miles per hour out of my governed company truck. As my window drew even with the passenger window of their truck, the interior light came on. There in the passenger seat was a beautiful woman about 35 years old. She was shirtless and was proudly holding what appeared to be a succulent pair of D cups, complete with darkish nipples that looked hard enough to cut glass. She uncupped one of them and as it succumbed only slightly to gravity, she reached for the mic and said with a smile, "See? I told you."

I said, " Yes, mam, you certainly did. But are you really naked?"

To my delight, she answered, "The only thing I have on is a pair of socks." She then rose from her seat and bent over to rest her upper body on the driver. True to her word, she didn't have a stitch of clothing on. Her chest tapered to her waist, and then her body blossomed into a tight round ass. She reached back with her right hand and grabbed the right cheek, emphasizing the shape of each beautiful buttock. She then moved her hand from her ass to the inside of her right thigh, running her hand up until her fingers had her lips parted and displayed her pussy perfectly.

I grabbed my mic and said something like, "Holy shit!"

In an amazing display of balance and agility, (and, apparently quite a bit of practice), she placed her feet on the passenger seat and leaned back, resting her shoulders on the back of the driver's seat, and bracing herself by putting her left hand on something I couldn't see. Her knees were already slightly parted as she stroked her right hand down her abdomen and once again slipped her fingers between her pussy lips. At that point, she started to play with her clit, occasionally dipping her fingers inside. As she became more aroused, she spread her legs even wider and raised her hips to place her pussy right at my eye level. She then removed her hand, finally fully exposing her wet, smoothly shaved pussy to me.

I'm looking at her beautiful pink pussy, glistening with her juices, from roughly six feet away when something caught my eye. I noticed something just above the folds of her lips and extending up toward her belly. "Is that a tattoo?" I asked.

She said that it was. When I told her that I couldn't really make out what it was, she said,"Two blue eyes and a nose." I don't remember if I laughed or not, I was so fascinated by all of this. I asked, "Why two eyes and a nose?"

She replied, "Because he said when he goes down on me, he wants something looking back at him."

Around this time, we got to the D.C. Beltway, and had to suspend the show due to traffic. We kept talking as we made our way around to I-95 south. Another driver had heard our conversation and said that he would love to get a look. Turns out he was only about a half mile behind us . Once traffic thinned enough, he made his way up to our location, passing both of us. Once he passed Naked Lady Trucker, he moved to the right and they moved left. She had assumed the position with her feet in the seat and gave him a full view, complete with more fingering. We took turns in the catbird seat, each of us watching her bring herself to orgasm for us.

Of course, we couldn't hear her sounds of passion, but watching her pump her hips, then seeing her body spasm as she came, was nearly indescribable.

As we approached T/A at Ashland, Virginia, I announced that that would be my stop for the night. She said that was their plan, too. My fellow observer said that he had to keep going, so Naked Lady Trucker gave him nice, long, wet final look before we took the exit. We made our way into parking area, and, unbelievably, to me, found two spaces side by side. We both got backed in with them on my left side. Once we got shut down, she rolled down her window. I did, as well. She sat there , still wearing only her socks and ink and the three of us chatted face to face for about ten minutes. The topic of her tat came up and she asked if I wanted to get another look at it. I said, "I would love another look!"

She placed her feet in the seat and leaned back once more. I sat staring at her pussy with its decorative ink. I'm surprised that I wasn't drooling all over myself. I thought I was going to pass out when she put her fingers between her lips again and spread them wide enough for me to see every bit of her. Knowing what I really wanted to see, she slipped two fingers deep into herself, stroking them in and out, each stroke causing more juice to run down and drip from her beautiful rounded ass. As she resumed pumping her hips, her breathing quickened and little whimpers of pleasure snuck out of her mouth. As she grew louder, she turned her attention back to her swollen clit, rubbing and flicking it while I enjoyed a ringside seat. She began to gasp, and those beautiful words fought their way out of her throat. "I'm cumming! She moaned and gasped as her hips rose higher and her pussy gushed. As her orgasm subsided, she stroked the inner folds of her pussy lips gently, savoring the final was of pleasure coursing through her. One final dip inside, then her fingers rose to her mouth and she sucked them clean.

Once she settled back into her seat, she looked at me and said, "So, do you like my tattoo?"


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Wow great story. Would have been slobbering all over the place . Lol

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That's pretty much what I was doing.

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I'd have said what tattoo lol great story

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